EECE 474: Instrumentation & Design Laboratory
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  • Note: September 2013 is the last time that EECE 474 will be offered by the Electrical & Computer Engineering Department.  Future design courses will be based on the Capstone Course.  You can find information on this course here.
Project Description

The Instrumentation & Design Laboratory develops technical, organizational and communication skills.  Groups of students are required to use engineering principles to build a device that will solve a complex task. Groups work within tight time and budget constraints which requires sound management of personnel and resources.  In addition to meeting the performance objectives, groups must communicate their progress through every phase of the course though a variety of media such as written reports, oral presentations, wikis and videos.


The titan Atlas from Greek mythology has been burdened by his mother Clymene with the punishment of finding the Earth which he lost in the family labyrinth in time for his UBC Electrical Engineering graduation party at the Olympic games.  Atlas substitutes brains for brawn and builds a fully autonomous robot to locate the lost Earth, and bring it home.  It is your job to re-create Atlas's epic task as a group and to complete his mission by creating a robot which can:

    • Navagate a labyrinth of obstacles.
    • Create a tracking beacon for the Earth which Atlas will follow.
    • Have the ability to operate fully autonomously.
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