EECE 353: Digital Systems Design

[chip]Jan-Apr, 2014

Instructor: Steve Wilton

Lecture: MWF , 15:00-16:00, MCML 166

Labs: See Registration system. All labs will be in MCLD 358

Connect Site (contains handouts and discussion board)

This is a course on the design of real digital systems. Digital systems lie at the heart of almost any electronic system including consumer devices, cell-phones, signal processing systems, computers, biomedical devices, etc. In all of these systems, the "intelligence" of the system is implemented in digital logic. In this course we will talk about these digital systems, and will learn how to design them. More specifically, we'll talk about combinational and sequential logic, datapath design, synchronous and asynchronous circuits, embedded processors, and other related topics.

Much of the design we will do in this course is based on the VHDL Hardware Description Language. We will build on what you already learned in EECE 259 to show how VHDL can be used to specify very large systems.

Please visit the Connect web site for course materials.

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