Tenth CPEN 442 Mini-conference


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Presentation Evaluation Form

Every project group will be given 15 minutes to present and additional 5 minutes for answering questions. Points will be taken off for too long (i.e., over 15 minutes) or too short (under 10 minutes) presentations.

  • Q&A time will be also used
    • for the presenting group to disconnect their laptop from the projector while answering the questions, and
    • for the next group to prepare for their presentation (e.g., load the slides or connect their laptop to the projector).


Awards will be announced at the end of the mini-conference in the following categories:

  • Best design project
  • Best implementation project
  • Best presentation
  • Most holistic approach to security engineering
  • Best video clip of the project

Winners of the awards will be decided by the jury. Prizes will be awarded to the winner groups, if they are present during awards ceremony.

Hints For Preparing Your Presentation


All presenters should be dressed business casual.



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