The Final Exam for will take place on Thursday 16 April at 7 pm, online using UBC’s Canvas system with Proctorio


Exam Format:


90-minute (1 and ½ hour) written exam

You are allowed to bring and use only a calculator and a pen/pencil, and a self-prepared formula sheet (limited to 8 pages total)!

Your exam will have about 6 to 7 questions.

Topics Covered:

            Magnetic Circuits, Electromechanical Systems and Energy Conversion,

            Brushed DC Motors and PWM Inverter Control, Stepper Motors,

Rotating Magnetic Field and Rotating Reference France Theory

            Synchronous Motors, Brushless DC Motors, and Induction Motors.



Review the material covered in Lecture Modules 1 through 8, Mid-term Exam, all Assignments, all Quizzes, and all Labs!


The previous home work assignments, quizzes, and Labs should give you an idea about the types of problems that will be on the exam. 


Study hard and do well.


Here is a Practice Final Exam from last year.


Good Luck!