ELEC 343: Electromechanics

Spring 2020:There will be 5 Lab Experiments: The Electromechanical Devices Laboratory is located in McLoed 130.

Please attend the laboratory according to your Lab Section and the corresponding Schedule

It is your responsibility to read all required materials and be ready for each Lab Experiment. Lab Manual will be distributed through the UBC Bookstore.

Students are responsible for preparing to each Lab Experiment. The TA will check your preparedness by asking questions and reviewing your pre-lab notes.

Failing to be prepared for the lab will result in reducing the mark for that lab by 20%.

Please print and read the general Safety Rules.

You will be asked questions or tested about the Safety Rules in this laboratory, and you will not be permitted to proceed if you failed to know the Safety Rules!


1. General Information and Laboratory Rules

Laboratory experiments are an integral part of many courses that cover electromechanical energy conversion devices and their applications. To make laboratory experiments safe and effective, the following rules must be obeyed by all students:

1.1. Safety Rules

a)     All domestic and international students are required to have adequate medical insurance that covers any possible injuries that may occur while in the Laboratory.

b)     Students must work in groups and are not permitted to conduct experiments in this Laboratory on their own time without being supervised or accompanied by a TA or Lab Engineer responsible for the lab.

c)     Prior to conducting any measurements, all students starting the lab sessions in MCLD 130 have to be familiarized with these Safety Rules and acknowledge this by their signature in the Sign-up Sheet. The course Instructor or TAs are responsible for providing the Sign-up Sheet.

d)    Your safety is of the most importance. High voltage equipment in the power lab can cause serious injuries or death. For increased safety, the normal laboratory experiments should be conducted using reduced voltages not exceeding 50 Volts DC or AC.

e)     Always double-check your wiring circuit. Avoid short circuits and/or inappropriate use of equipment. The power supplies in the lab are capable of delivering very high current. High current can lead to fire, heat hazards, explosions, etc., and result in injury and damage to equipment.

f)     Have your circuit checked by a TA and/or Lab Engineer whenever necessary, especially if you are not sure and/or getting suspicious results or measurements.

g)    The laboratory includes rotating machines and moving actuators that are capable of delivering high speed, torque and force. Moving mechanical objects can cause serious injuries and damage to equipment.

h)    To avoid hazardous situations, always cover the dynamometer machine with the protective plastic cover, tightly couple and secure the subject electrical machine or device (motor or actuator) under study with special screws.

i)      Never stick your hands or any other objects near the moving parts (shafts, couplings, etc.) of the machine while operating.

j)     Wear appropriate clothing and hair style that is not likely to get in the way of rotating machinery and moving parts!††

k)    Report any malfunction and/or failure of equipment to the TA and the Lab Engineer responsible for the lab.

l)      In the case of accident, immediately notify the TA and/or Lab Engineer responsible for the lab, your fellow students/partners, and seek immediate appropriate medical help. In the case of emergency, call 911.

m)  No food and/or beverages are allowed in the laboratory at any time.

n)    Students carry full responsibility for any consequences, injuries and/or damages caused by (or as consequence of) their negligence and/or inappropriate behavior in the laboratory, or any other violation of the safety rules and precautions.

1.2. Attendance

a)     All students are required to attend and perform adequately. In order to pass this course, each student (group of students who are partners) is (are) required to write reports for all experiments.

b)    Attendance will be recorded by a TA. A Sign-up Sheet will be provided at the beginning and at the end of every lab session.

i)      In the beginning of each lab, each student must Sign-In in the appropriate Sign-up Sheet for that section, thereby acknowledging his/her presence and compliance with the above Safety Rules.

ii)   Upon completing the experiment, each student will have to clean up the work place and return the equipment and wires back to their original place. After the bench is checked by a TA, each student will have to Sign-Out.

c)    Failure to be present for an experiment will result in losing the entire mark for the corresponding lab.

d)   Students must not attend a different lab group/section from the one assigned at the beginning of the class, unless otherwise approved by the instructor. Attendance in the wrong group will be subject to a reduced lab mark of up to 50%.

e)    If a student misses a lab session due to illness and/or family crisis and can provide a legitimate proof, he/she may be able to attend a different lab section or a make-up session. In such cases the student should contact the instructor as soon as possible and make appropriate arrangements/agreements about performing the lab at another time.

1.3. Preparation and Performance

a)    Before coming to the laboratory, each student must read and review the appropriate sections of the lecture notes, textbook chapters, as well as the Lab Manual for the current Lab Experiment. In particular, each student must read the Tasks and perform all necessary preparation (Pre-Lab) tasks corresponding to the Lab Experiment that is to be performed at that day.

b)    The TA will check your preparedness and the Pre-Lab sheet and may reduce your mark by up to 40% or even dismiss you from the lab if you are not ready to do the experiments.

c)    Record your own observations and calculations. The time for the lab is limited and you should use it very effectively to complete all the tasks and measurements. Be sure to record and present all your data very clearly.

d)    The TA may reduce your lab mark by as much as 50% if you are noted to be busy with unrelated activities and/or disruptive to other students.

e)    The TAs may not let you Sign-Out before your work bench is properly cleared. Leaving the lab without Sign-Out will invalidate your present lab and you will have to repeat it.

1.4. Accessing the Lab Computer (PC)

a)    You will need to login into the PC on your Lab Bench to use the Labview program required in every lab. You should login using your own ECE account, not the CWL account. Ask your TA for help if you donít know how to get one. For information on how to obtain an account in ECE, please see the instructions on the web:

††††† https://help.ece.ubc.ca/How_To_Get_An_Account

b)    After completing the experiment, store all your data files into your personal USB flesh drive, or email it to yourself from the lab computer. Do not save anything on the desktop as files might get removed after reboot.

1.5. Lab Reports

1.5.1. Preparing the Report

a)     In order to pass this course, each group of students are required to complete measurements and write Lab Reports for all experiments.

b)    The calculations can be quite challenging. The students are encouraged to use advanced computational tools such as Matlab, Excel, etc. for calculations and plotting the results.

c)  Students are encouraged to discuss among themselves the problems in each lab experiment. However, the turned-in Lab Reports must show the individual work and reflect the individual understanding of material by each student (or the group of students). The percent participation (%) of each student should be clearly indicated on the title page. Each student must sign the title page certifying that he/she participated in taking the measurements and preparing a given report.

d)     Reports suspected of cheating will not be graded. Cheating will result in zero mark (0) and may qualify for withdrawal from the course and/or suspension from the University. Please see the UBC Regulation on Cheating and Plagiarism. All instances of cheating will be reported according to this policy.

e)      All reports must be typed. No exceptions.

f)  ††   The Lab report must contain at least the following:

1.    Title Page (see sample Title Page below)

2.     Pre-Lab (if any), signed and dated by one of the TAs.

3.     Pages with measured data. The tables of measurements are included in the manual for most of the experiments. These pages with tables must contain your own measurements/calculations and be signed/dated by your TA.

4.   For each task, include necessary diagrams, tables of measurements, figures, graphs, equations, calculations, notes, etc.

5.    Calculations & Analysis: include appropriate equations, calculations, comments and observations. Summarize the parameters of the studied device in a Table.

6.   Summary Section: This section should include answers to the additional questions (if any). Here, you should also briefly state and summarize what you have learned doing the experiments and subsequent calculations.

g)    When preparing a report, you may cross-reference presentation of data and/or observations to the Task number in the Manual (e.g., Task #, etc.).

h)     It is the best in terms of your time management if you start and finish your Lab Report in the same day or soon after you do the experiment, while your memory is fresh and you are on top of the material. Delaying writing the Lab Report till the due date is likely to result in taking more of your time.

1.5.2. Submitting your Lab Report

a)    Reports are due exactly one (1) week after completion of the experiment. The collection of reports will be specified by the course instructor. For example, the students may be required to bring them to class/lecture at a particular day. Alternatively, the reports may be dropped in the Box with the label ELEC 342/343/344 located on the first floor in the hallway of MCLD building (close to Room 112B). If this is the case, the TAs will be picking them up only once at 4:00 PM that day. In any case, your course instructor will very clearly state the turning-in procedure.

b)    All late reports must be given directly (personally) to the TA who will record the time and date of submission. Late submission will result in reduced marks (10%/day). Lab reports submitted more than three days (including holidays) after the due date will be accepted with zero (0) mark.

c)    The following page is an example of the cover/title page of your reports.


This is an example for the cover page









ELEC ___


Lab Experiment: ___


Section: ___


Bench #: ___





Student ID #: ††††††

% participation


T. Edison




M. Faraday











Date Performed:††


Date Submitted:††