EECE 479: Introduction to VLSI Systems

[chip] January-April, 2013

Instructor: Dr. Brad Quinton

TA: Eddie Hung, Kaiser 4025

Lectures: T,T 8:00am-9:20am
Room: MCLD 202

UBC Connect Site (handouts, discussion board, etc).

This is a course on the design of very large scale integrated circuits and systems implemented in CMOS technology. Key aspects of transistor operation, gate level design, IC design, fabrication, and layout of digital CMOS integrated will be covered. This is an exciting field that changes almost daily. Integrated circuits are used throughout Electrical Engineering, from cell-phones, consumer devices, signal processing systems, computers, and even biomedical devices. Understanding how these chips work and how they are designed is important to anyone planning a career in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

This course will be of interest to three types of students:

In this course, you will complete a number of medium-sized assignments, and a large design project, in which you will plan, lay out, and simulate an integrated circuit.

All handouts will be posted to the course UBC Connect site. If you have problems accessing these handouts, please let the instructor or TA know. The UBC Connect site also contains a discussion board, which you can use to ask questions. Announcements will be posted to the discussion board.

You can connect to the UBC Connect site here . More information will be available in January, 2013.