EECE 356

Electronic Circuits II

Course Description: Analysis and design of electronic circuits; biasing of and small-signal models for transistors; frequency response of amplifiers; feedback and stability aspects of amplifier design; OPAMPs; active filters; oscillators; IC specification and selection.

Prerequisites: Either (a) EECE 254 and one of EECE 253, EECE 263; or (b) EECE 202.

Credits: 4.

Current Section: 201 (2011 Winter).

Instructor (Office): Dr. Edmond Cretu (Kaiser 3063).

Lecture Times: 12pm-1pm Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Office hours: 1pm-3pm on Wednesday, or by appointment

Class Room: MCLD 228.

Text: Course notes (handed out in class).

Extra notes:

L13extras_Differential amplifier.pdf

Office hours: Wednesday, 1pm-3pm (Kaiser 3063)

Reference: A. Sedra and K. Smith, “Microelectronic Circuits,” 5th edition or later.

Announcements: Made at the beginning of class.

Available Spice simulators for students:

- In the lab: National Instruments Multisim -

- For home use: