The Mid-Term Exam will take place in class on Tuesday February 25 in class  


Exam Format:


1 hour written exam

About 4 to 5 questions

You are allowed to bring and use only a calculator, and a pen/pencil

No formula sheets or reduced notes are allowed.


Review the material covered in Lecture Modules 1 through 3, all assignments, quizzes, and Labs!


The previous home work assignments should give you an idea about the types of problems that will be on the exam.


Please understand that "Remembering and Memorizing all the constants and equations" is not a good approach for studying engineering subjects!

Instead, you are expected to understand the fundamentals and essential principles, and then be able to apply them to the engineering problems best way you can.

Using this learning approach, you would be able to reproduce or re-derive any necessary equations and formulas you need to solve the problem!


Here is a Practice Exam from previous year. It should give you and idea of the format of questions.



Study hard, review all material including your notes, assignments, quizzes, labs, and do the practice problems.


Here is the Solution