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Jan.-Apr. 2019






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Systems and Control

Stability of plates when rotating

Course Description

This course provides an introduction to the analysis of control systems. The main focus will be on techniques in classical control theory, including root-locus, Bode, and Nyquist plots. Students will learn how to transform linear dynamical systems between state-space and frequency domains, and explore conditions for stability in each domain. Students will design controllers through P, PI, PID, phase-lead, and phase-lag filters.  Applications will range across electrical, mechanical, chemical, biomedical, and biological systems.


Students will need a functional knowledge of differential equations, complex variables, Laplace transforms (acquired from EECE253 (Circuit Analysis II) or equivalent) and linear algebra.


Dr. Edmond Cretu
KAIS 3063 (Phone: 604-827-4115)
E-mail: edmondc”at”ece.ubc.ca
Office Hours: Wed, 12:00-1:00pm  or by appointment

Lectures (Lect-Tut-Lab=4-0-0)


Mon: 10am-12:00pm, MacLeod202

 Wed: 10:00pm-12:00pm.MacLeod



Teaching Assistants


Textbook resources (complementary)

R.C. Dorf and R.H. Bishop [2016] Modern Control Systems 13th Edition, Pearson

Dorf & Bishop[2016]Modern Control Systems

Software support

Mathworks Matlab/Simulink - UBC campus license allows students to install it on their personal laptops as well - Instructions are available at http://students.engineering.ubc.ca/success/software/#matlab


Homework problems - only preparatory for midterms

Mid Term Exams: 40% - 3 midterms, best 2 considered

Final Exam: 60%

Project (optional): 10% (reduces midterms weight to 30%)


Review of op amps basic circuits:

Jung[2005]Op Amp applications handbook (Analog Devices)
Mancini[2002]Op Amps for everyone (Texas Instruments)



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