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 Winter 2010

EECE259: Introduction to Microcomputers


Prof. Guy Lemieux, Kaiser 4016, eece259 at gmail dotty com


Kyle Balston, kyleb at ece
Stuart Dueck, stuartdueck at gmail
Jeffrey Goeders, jeffrey.goeders at gmail
Eddie Hung, eddieh at ece
Aaron Severance, aaronsev at ece

All TAs can be found in Kaiser 4025


  • Homework (25%, hw 1,2,3 at 5% each, hw 4 at 10%)
  • Quizzes (20%, four at 5% each)
  • Exam (55%), must pass final exam to pass the course
For all quizzes and the final exam, no aids are permittted, not even calculators.



Lecture Notes



  • You must choose a partner to work with for the entire term.
  • Due to resource constraints, you cannot work alone except under very extenuating circumstances. Prior approval of the instructor is required.
  • Absolutely no groups of 3 or more.
  • To do the homework, each pair of students will need to purchase an Altera DE1 board for $100 from ECE Stores (basement of MCLD).
  • Marking your homework requires a 15-minute appointment with a TA (see below).

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