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2020- 2021


Course Description and Content


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ELEC465/544 Lecture notes

ELEC465 - Microsystems Design

ELEC544 - Advanced Microsystems design



2020 Term 1 (Sep 8th, 2020 to Dec 3rd, 2020)
First lecture: Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Office hours: Wednesday - 1pm-2pm, or appointments arranged by email

Last day to withdraw without a W standing: Sep 21, 2020
Last day to withdraw with a W standing (course cannot be dropped after this date): Oct 30, 2020

Instructor: Edmond Cretu (edmondc "at" ece.ubc.ca)
Teaching assistant:  Farhad (Amir H. Omidvar)

Academic Integrity statement:

The academic enterprise is founded on honesty, civility, and integrity. As members of this enterprise, all students are expected to know, understand, and follow the codes of conduct regarding academic integrity. At the most basic level, this means submitting only original work done by you and acknowledging all sources of information or ideas and attributing them to others as required. This also means you should not cheat, copy, or mislead others about what is your work. Violations of academic integrity (i.e., misconduct) lead to the breakdown of the academic enterprise, and therefore serious consequences arise and harsh sanctions are imposed. For example, incidences of plagiarism or cheating may result in a mark of zero on the assignment or exam and more serious consequences may apply if the matter is referred to the President’s Advisory Committee on Student Discipline. Careful records are kept in order to monitor and prevent recurrences.

link to the relevant Calendar section: http://www.calendar.ubc.ca/vancouver/index.cfm?tree=3,286,0,0

Lecture notes and activities

Given the existing special context, lectures will be held via a video conferencing tool such as Zoom or Collaborate Ultra. The lecture notes will be provided online Further details and interactivity will be ensured through the dedicated course website and through Canvas when semester begins.

The grading of the course will be based on the following activities:
Project assignment: 35% - a design, analysis and simulation project of a MEMS transducer, together with  an associated electronic subsystem
Homework assignments: 15% - problems to be solved individually by the students
Final exam: 50%

Lecture Content Download
Week 1

L01 - Sep  9Course outline and synopsys