EECE 412 Term Project Reports From Previous Years

Fall 2012
"Design of Software-based Pseudo-random Number Generator" Third Best Design Project
Joey Liu, Leon Yu, Aobo Yu, Braulio Chavez
"What’s Up With WhatsApp"
Simon Mo, Adama Ode, Avi Kumar, Nathan Cheung
"Rogue Access Point and WiFi Phishing"
Kevin Shiah, Changhoon Baek, Andrew Yoon
"Usability Analysis of the Personal Firewall in Mac OS X Lion"
Edward Budiman, Surya Adi Jaya, Jane Lau, Marlow Payne
"Security Analysis of EYEZ-ON EnvisaLink 2DS Module for Networked Home Alarm System" Second Best Analysis Project, Second Best Video of the Project
Brian Lau, Joanne Chow, Steven Chow, Yolanda Qian
"Analysis of HID iCLASS Security System" Best Analysis Project, Most Holisitc Approach to Security Engineering
Shirley Gong, Edward Han, Yonatan Indrajaya, Nathaniel Sham
"Security Analysis of Translink’s Pass System"
David Adomat, Ian Cheng, Malavika Mantripragada, Joshua Shelley
"A security analysis of the pay-for-printing system deployed at a UBC library" Best Presentation
Anuj Mehta, Denis Abalakov, Dhruv Raturi, Audun Lie Indergaard
"Password Gamification" Best Design Project, Third Best Presentation
Peter Cheung, Peter Yeung, Crystal Ng
"A password-less login system" Second Best Design Project
Craig Penner, Nick Adams, Peter Schuurman
"Facebook Security Analysis"
Allister MacLean, Victor de Lima Soares, Gabriel Parreiras
"Security Analysis of the Richmond Public Library Login System" Honorable Mention
Timothy Tang, Tony Cheng, Vinson Yu, Ken Hu
"Analysis of the Security of Gift Cards" Best Video of the Project, Second Most Holistic Approach to Security Engineering
Nor Bainin Khairudin, Kevin Li, Lap Kiu Li, Calvin Ng
"Security Analysis of the ECE Account Login System" Third Most Holistic Approach to Security Engineering
Catherine Wang, Edmond Louie, Preethal Fernandes, Richard Hsu
"PayByPhone Mobile Platform Analysis" Second Best Presentation, Third Best Analysis Project, Third Best Video of the Project
Mark Duppenthaler, Keith N. Lee, Shruti Shruti, Cary Wong
"Free Data: DNS Loopholes in GSM Practices"
Adrian Lindsay, Nick Chow, David Slater, Ben Jeffery
Fall 2010

Analysis of PHP Obfuscation Software clip
Joel Beales, Karl Campbell, Janina Fedjko

Security Analysis of phpBB clip
Matt Fong, Herman Lee, Chih-Hao Lin, David Yue

Security Analysis on and Livecast clip
Dillon Yo-Kang Yang, Nick Hanssmann, Tsung-Ying Tsai, Chia-En Pan

Analysis on the Effectiveness of Safe Browsing Servicesclip most holistic approach to security engineering!
Frankie Angai, Calvin Ching, Isaiah Ng, Cameron Smith

Phishing on Facebookclip

Tarek Amin, James An, James Lu, Oseghale Okhiria

Rogue Access Points clip

Moses Chan, Rob O’Dwyer, Steve Powell, Marie Elise Desormeaux Leowski

Windows Live Messenger Voice Chat Security Analysis clip

Christopher Eng, Derick Hsieh, Joong Kang, Cheng (Oscar) Hou

Security Analysis of Verrus Pay-by-Phone clip

Paul Chiu, Tayler Hetherington, Alvin Lam, Ryan Jung

Keystroke Biometric Keyboard clip
Victor Tsang, Jovi Wong, Sanduni Patikiriarachchi, Nathan Comstock

An Analysis on Google Chrome clip

Alfred Lam, Tony Lei

Paper De-shredderclip best design project!

Hei Wang Chan, Evan Gillespie, Delfino Leong

Security Analysis of the i>clicker Audience Response System clip best analysis project! best presentation!

Derek Gourlay, Yuan Sunarto, Yik Lam Sit, Tian-Cheng Wang

Fall 2009

Using GPUs for the offline bruteforce password attacks

Ildar Muslukhov

Focused Social Networking Crawler video clip of the project on YouTube second most holistic approach to security engineering!
Alice Leung, Roven Lin, Jesse Ng and Philip Szeto

Security Analysis of Terra video clip of the project on YouTube second best presentation!
Adnan Jiwani, Arash Malekzadeh, Neeraj Prashar, Cloud Shao Web Application Security Analysis video clip of the project on YouTube
Maxime Perreault, David Rosberg, Peter Vautour, David Wang

Security Analysis of Online Gambling Systems video clip of the project on YouTube second best analysis project!
Milad Mesbah, Nima Hosseinikhah

Attacks on WPA2-Enterprise video clip of the project on YouTube
Neil Gentleman, William Wong, Insoo Kwon, Yan Yau (Keith) Kam

Delta Force Cobra Strike Secure SMS video clip of the project on YouTube best design project!
James Brotherston, Colin Hilchey, Kelvin Tsui, George Wang

Security Analysis of RF Technology in Electric Garage Doors video clip of the project on YouTube
Calvin Chang, Ernest Chu, Erie Okada, Williams Lin

Security Analysis of Craig's List video clip of the project on YouTube
Bryan Lengle, Mathew Sam, Jiyan Lam, Adrian Lee

Security Analysis of video clip of the project on YouTube
Frank Ip, Ken Ho, Jonathan Wong, Jonathan Chau

Analysis of Smart Card Laundry System best presentation! best analysis project!
Jon Lee, Niel Paul, Choon-Sean (Steven) Cheong, Dicky Bratawijaya

A Study on SSL Warning Effectiveness video clip of the project on YouTube most holistic approach to security engineering!
Ildar Muslukhov, Andreas Sotirakopoulos, Levi Stoddard

Fall 2008

"An Analysis of the Vulnerabilities of the UBC RFID Parking System"
by Timothy Chiu, Tim Ren, Kattie Tay, Evelyn Tsai

"Security Analysis of Vancouver's Pay-by-Phone Metered Parking" Best Analysis Project

by Chris Lee, Benjamin Wai, James Wang, Leo Wong

"Formal Verification of an M-Commerce Authentication Protocol"
by Sara Motiee

"A Security Analysis of XSS Vulnerabilities in" Most holistic approach to security engineering

by Edwin Jaury, Onn Tai Yong, Samir Gupta, Yan Chiu

"Improving the Usability and Security of WPA-based Wireless Networks" Best Design Project

by Albert Chen, Henry Lam, Zhiyong Cheng

"Unicode Password System"
by Mavaddat Javid, David Chan, Tony Wong, Jaques Clapauch

"Design of a Location-Based Authentication System for Satellite TV Systems"
by Corry Yang, Kevin Uribe and Chris Pang

"Usability Analysis of Sophos Antivirus"
by Jacky Cheung, Stanley Li, Alex Totolici, Patrick Zheng

"Security analysis of Sophos Update Mechanisms"
by Marco Gonzalez, Jeffrey Herron, Zita Hiu Kit Wong, Ge (Grace) Yu

"Improving protection of iBib web application against SQL injection attacks"
by Jordan Chiou, Reuben Heredia, Mohammed Taher, Alexander Tse

"Speculative Authorizations"
by Pranab Kini

"Software Piracy Security"
by Peter Ciszak, Nathan Tai, Jack Lai Best Presentation

Fall 2007
"A Pattern-Matching File Fuzzer for Windows"
by Lane Feltis, Natalie Silvanovich, Neema Teymory
"Security Analysis of Web Applications"
by William Ha, Phoebe Hsu, Je-Yu Lee, Cheng Jeffrey Qian

 "Robust Audio Steganography using Direct-Sequence Spread Spectrum Technology"
by Wei Qin Cheng, Fei Han, Man Juon Tung, Kai Xu

Suplimentary material: sample audio file without hidden data, sample audio file with hidden data

"Classification of SQL Injection Attacks"
by Sheung Lau, Stephen Liu, San-Tsai Sun, Ting han Wei
"Mac OS X Malware Vulnerabilities"
by Misha Grebenyuk, Albert Sodyl, Byron Thiessen, Sijia Wang 
"Design of a Simple, Distributed Network Access Control System"
by David Boen, Victor Chan, Daniel Dent, Andrew Hung Yao Tjia
"Security Analysis of Microsoft Notification Protocol"
by Jason Poon, Oliver Zheng
"Rogue Access Points and UBC’s Wi-Fi Network"
by Arunkumar Chebium, Pawittar Dhillon, Kaveh Farshad, Farhan Masud
"Analysis of Palm-Vein Biometric"
by Thomson Lai, Bosco Lee, Frankie Shum, Kenneth Wong
"A two-Factor Authentication System using Mobile Devices to Protect against Untrusted Public Computers"
by Abdullah Alqattan, Nima Kaviani, David Lewis, Nicholas Pearson
"Role of Computer Security in Identity Theft"
by Charanjit Dhanoya, Chendursundaran Kumaragurubaran, Joey Ting
"Large Scale Research on Password Practicies "
by Joaquin Valdez
"Security Analysis of the UBC Card"
by Carlos Colon-Vonarx, Taivo Evard, Noriel Rilloma
"Usability of Windows Vista Firewall: A Laboratory User Study"
by Pouyan Arjmandi Rafsanjani, Robert Boeck, Fahimeh Raja, Ganapathy Viswanathan
"Usability Study of Vista’s Firewall Using Respondent Methods"
by Gaurav Agashe, Pooya Jaferian, Faraaz Shamji, Steven Yu
Spring 2007
Cracking Advanced Access Content System (AACS), Winner of: Best Presentation! and Best Analysis Project!
Daniel Dmytriw, Neale Genereux, Michael Gujral, Abhishek Valaboju
Software Cracks
Ankit Jain, Jason Kuo, Jordan Soet, Brian Tse
Security Analysis of Online Bibliography System - iBib
Owen Yang, Alice Ho Yu Au-Yeung, Hootan Ziyaeimatin, Florence Tabamo
An Analysis of Vulnerabilities of Iris Scanning Personal Authentication
Michael Kang, Oscar Plag
Mobile Code Security
Jason Kwan, Justine Lu, Safinaaz Rawji, Sophie Ke
Gnutella Peer-to-Peer Security, Winner of: Most Holistic Approach to Security Engineering!
Gurpreet Dosanjh, Brody Lodmell, Alexander Van Der Star, Shane Wang
Risk Analysis of MacLeod and Kaiser Buildings
Andre Gagne, Raymond (Kinwai) Lo, Ireti Fakinlede, Gary Tu
Analysis of SMS Spamming Solutions
Jue Ni, Vincy Tang, Wynne Lui
Security Enhancements to Distributed Directory
Tik Ning Cheung, Jeannie Li, Henry Ng
Design of a Data Hiding Application Using Steganography, Winner of: Best Design Project!
Armin Bahramshahry, Hesam Ghasemi, Anish Mitra, Vinayak Morada
The Analysis of the Security of the Octopus Smart-Card E-Cash System
Andrew Lee, Timothy Lui, Bryon Leung

Key Logging of a Wireless Keyboard
Willian Ha, Eric Ma, Antony Mbugua, Dickson Poon

Fall 2005
Analysis of Bluetooth Security,
Stefanie Ho, Brian Ng, Frank Wu, Justin Kwong
PC Security using Biometrics,
Kit Mun Chan, Ana Pop, Shadi Safarkhah, Gurpreet Virdi
Best Analysis Project
Analysis of FairPlay Digital Rights Management Scheme in Apple’s iTunes Music Store,
Aaron Franks, Stephen LaRoy, Michael Wood, Michael Worth
Access Control List in Operating Systems,
Edmund Law, Spencer Shek, Kevin Wong, Cindy Zhu
Digital Watermarking,
Orion Winkelmeyer, Abbas Mehdi, Patrick Lam, Nima Kamoosi
Improvement of Steganography in TCP Timestamp,
Patrick Lee, Dan Anderson
Security Analysis of FOB installation at ECE and CS,
Justin Fu, Steven Tse, Gavin Yip, Christina Young
Analysis of FOB Access Control Management System,
Gregory Mason, Nikolay Nikiforov, Rupert To, Kevin White
Analysis and Design of a Smartcard Transit Security System,
Tim Kinisky, Colleen Qin, Mike Hewitt, Derek Kwei
Best Presentation
Simulation of Secondary and Approximate Authorization Recycling,
Kyle Zeeuwen
TOR-Anonymous Internet Communication System,
Miljan Cabrilo, Gordon Jesso, Katayon Radkhah, Ivan Tsui

Design and Analysis of a Noise-Based Random Oracle,
Albert Wang, Jeff Gebert, Paul Davis
Best Design Project & Most Holistic Approach to Security Engineering

Fall 2004
Analysis of Wireless Key Management and Proposal,
Michael Kwan, Andrew Ong and Derrick Yeung
Security Analysis of the UBC Wireless Network,
Li-Heng Lin, Chun Yue Gordon Wong, and Jeanette Sin Mei Tsang
Implementation of Low Cost Security for WLAN Router Networks,
Larix J. Lee, Jason C. Kan, Johnson C. Lee and Michael K. Leung
Security Analysis of Public Wireless Internet Access Points,
Steven Chang, Ben Huang, Victor Lam, Horng Yen
A Security Analysis of UBC Wireless Network,
Wing-Keong Woo, Qiang Wei, Joyce Hsien-Yin Chiang, and Johnson Ming-Che Tsai
Best Analyisis Project, Best Project Report
An Analysis on Spyware Law SB 1436,
Claudia Fong, Wallace Hung, Kartik Markandan
Audio Voice Authentication,
Jacqueline Chow, Janet Tse, and Jeff Tung

Biometric Passports using Facial Recognition,
Ryan Chan, Jason Cheung, and Amy Ha
Best Presentation
Most holistic approach to security engineering

An Analysis and Recommendations for an E-Voting System,
Jeffrey Kler, Ivan Lau, Aleksandar Milojkovic, Samson Zhao
Development and Implementation of a Secure Instant Messenger for Public Use,
Wesam Darwish, Wing Leung, and Megan Tiedje
Best Design Project
Security for a Two-Way Text Messaging Application,
Kevin Lai, Handika Handoko, Tuan Vo, John Li